What is the reading curriculum for third graders at FIS?

       FIS uses a new reading series called Reading Street.  It is produced by the
Scott Foresman Publishing company. There are many components to this reading
curriculum. At the third grade level, we have many students whom are still acquiring
phonemic awareness skills.  This means they are still learning the sounds for each
letter and letter combinations. These students need to review these sounds and
practice them often.  The basis of our reading curriculum in third grade involves
focused instruction in three areas: fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension, with
many phonemic awareness components.

A few FAQ about the reading series:

      * Students have 2 oral reading assignments each week, usually on Tuesday and
Thursday nights.  In order to become fluent readers, your child MUST PRACTICE.  
Aawwwww, Mrs. May!!!  Yeah, it stinks, but kiddos don't just wake up one morning
and know how to read.  Each week students will study "vocabulary words" that are
located in the weekly stories as well as "amazing words".  The amazing words are
simply words that we expose the students to during our week.  Students are not
tested on the amazing words.  Their purpose is to increase your child's oral
vocabulary and provide a base for future vocabulary.  The vocabulary words are one
component of the weekly test. Students need to be familiar with the definitions of the
words, so we review them frequently throughout the week.  

      * You will receive a reading newsletter every Monday in your child's graded work
folder.  The newsletter is called "Family Times" and will have the weekly skills,
vocabulary words and spelling words listed on it.  The assessments in this reading
curriculum are not story focused....meaning your child will not have a test over their
story.  Rather, they are tested over the skills and vocabulary they have learned
throughout the week.  This may seem difficult at the beginning of the year, but once
students become familiar with the test format, they are more prepared to answer
more complex questions using higher order thinking skills.  

I have included a link for parents to inform you about the reading curriculum.  There
is also a link to the West Frankfort school district reading philosophy.  Thank you for
working with the school to make your child a lifelong reader.  
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